Installation kit to install EF9012 into Edge-core ECS4120-28F

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SKU: KIT-ECS4120-28F

Connects EF9012 to

  • DCN S5750E-28X-SI-24F-D/E
  • Edge-Core ECS4120-28F

The kit allows to install the UPS EF9012 into Edge-core ECS4120-28F and use the DC power input connector to connect an external battery.

EF9012 ups installed into Edge-core 4120-28F

As a result of modernization, we get a switch with a built-in UPS and backup power by one external lead-acid battery 12 V with capacity from 7 Ah to 60 Ah.

Edge-Core ECS 4120-28F - Original Power supply vs embedded UPS EF9012

The UPS is installing instead of the original power supply. The size and mounting holes to match.