DC UPS - backup power for routers and modems via an external battery 12 V

DC UPS for routers and modems

Designed for backup the power of routers, switches, media converters, ONUs, IP cameras and Wi-Fi access points. The reserve is provided by an external 12 V lead-acid battery. Based on EF6012 / EF9012, which backup the power of network switches and OLTs on the internet provider side.

Features of DC UPS:

  • Using standard lead-acid batteries with a capacity from 7 to 100 Ah;
  • Battery charge in CC/CV mode;
  • Start by the battery without AC main power (voltage at the battery terminals must be >12.0 V);
  • Metal case with mounting holes;
  • Standard connectors.

Energyfive EF9012 - embeddable UPS